Medical Assessments

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Participation  Medicals

To book your relevant medical examination, these are the next steps you need to take. It includes the information needed to conduct the examination for you.

  • Often a medical assessment is required before participation in Camps, Sports teams or School functions

  • The goal is to ensure that you are medically fit to participate and if there are any considerations to be given for ongoing medical concerns.

  • Please be sure to bring with you forms you are required to have signed in addition to any medication and information on your medical history.

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Driver's Medicals & ICBC

Medical Examinations for Drivers are done at the request of the OMSV and are required if you require a Commercial licence or suffer from any pertinent medical condition that may impact your ability to drive. 

ICBC medical assessments are done at the request of ICBC

  • Commercial Drivers Medical Examination

  • Diabetic Driver Medical Examination

  • Age related concerns

  • Other medical condition requiring a medical examination and report.

  • Please bring any forms, medications and medical information required to conduct the examination.


Occupational Medicals

Whether you are applying for a position as a volunteer Firefighter, Police enrolment, or working offshore, I can provide the required medical assessment. 

I can provide medical examinations for return to work or employment recommendations in consideration of your medical condition.

  • Pre-employment, periodic and return to work medical assessments with the required certificates of competency.

  • My goal is to provide the highest standard of care, while working with you.  I will strive to make your visit as stress-free as possible while endeavouring to get you back to work, or keep you there safely.

  • Work related reports

  • WorkSafe BC

  • Fitness for work

  • Insurance and disability assessments and report completion

  • Medical release from the Canadian Armed Forces

    • SISIP Medicals

    • VAC Disability assessments.

  • If you are not sure, just email us to ask.


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