Aviation Medicals


  • Transport Canada Certified

  • Initial applicants, renewals, professional or recreational


What's Next?

Prior to booking your aviation medical, please ensure you have the following items completed and available. This information is required to conduct your examination.

  • Ensure your mailing address is up to date with Transport Canada.

  • Ensure you have had, and bring with you to your initial appointment:

    • All recent lab work, assessments or consult information arising from any medical condition you currently suffer from.

    • Distance, Near, and Colour vision assessment from an Optometrist

    • ECG

    • Copy of your previous aircrew medical if applicable

    • All medical information related to any condition suffered since your last assessment.

    • Medical Certificate (booklet)

    • You should wear your glasses to the appointment and bring contact lenses along if you wear them. 



These are important links for information on your medical requirements for holding an aviation or air traffic control certification.

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